Panthers ticket plan breaks out the ghosts of the 1972 Dolphins undefeated team

LOGO_Florida_Panthers.gifThe Florida Panthers may not be a team that’s immediately on your radar to watch or think about, but they’re doing some things to really help themselves out in Sunrise, Florida. While some folks might be critical of their plan to use tarps to cover up seats and shrink the maximum capacity for their games, you can’t say they’re not being innovative about selling tickets and trying to win over the casual fans.

Casual fans in south Florida, of course, means football fans and what better to reach out to them than to play into the hands of the Miami Dolphins and their past. George Richards of On Frozen Pond discusses the Panthers plan to unite them with the 1972 Dolphins.

According to the team, from today until kickoff on Sunday, fans can purchase season tickets in “incredible locations” for $19.72 per game — in honor of the 1972 perfect season.

“We’re all excited about the start of football season and hoping for another perfect season from Miami’s favorite football team,” team president Michael Yormark said. “In honor of that, we’re offering fans an incredible deal on Florida Panthers season tickets at just $19.72 per game.”

Mercury Morris gives it a thumbs up.

It’s a neat idea and one that can help fans that may or may not know anything about the Panthers identify better with the team. Given that LeBron James and his circus of mercenaries will also be playing basketball throughout the same season as the Panthers you have to do something to get noticed. Let’s just hope that Mercury Morris can hold off on popping the champagne when the Panthers lose their first game of the season.

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