Report: Bruins' Trent Whitfield out for the season with blown Achilles

trentwhitfield1.jpgYou know the season is getting closer when news about a serious and mysterious training injury comes out. While word stirred last night about Bruins depth forward Trent Whitfield suffering a serious injury, Joe Haggerty of CSN Boston has gotten confirmation from the Bruins that Whitfield is indeed injured, and rather seriously so.

Center Trent Whitfield blew out his Achilles tendon while working out this week to ready for the upcoming season, and will likely be lost for the entire season. A Bruins source confirmed the injury to on Sunday.

This isn’t a crucial blow for the Bruins. In all likelihood, Whitfield was starting the year in the AHL with Providence, but according to some of the whispers going around about just how this injury came to be, there’s a possibility that Sami Salo’s wacky Ball Hockey injury earlier this summer won’t be the only semi-embarrassing one to go down this year.

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