Marian Hossa brings the Stanley Cup to Slovakia

Thumbnail image for hossawiththecup.jpgToday has been a rough one for unimaginative hockey humorists. (I know I’m struggling, personally.)

If you haven’t heard already, we’ll be forced to find a new target for old man jokes, as 48-year-old defenseman Chris Chelios finally decided to hang up his skates. Perhaps it makes sense, then, that Chelios decided to retire today since other punchline victim Marian Hossa had his day with the Stanley Cup.

After coming oh-so-close with the Pittsburgh Penguins and Detroit Red Wings, Hossa took what some might call his mercenary path to glory by finally winning the Cup with the Chicago Blackhawks. The Cup traveled to Slovakia for Hossa (and his fellow teammate Tomas Kopecky).

Who wouldn’t want to take the Cup to their old stomping grounds, like a favorite “Mom and Pop” restaurant? Hossa did just that, as you can see in this video.

Of course, you can’t really bring the Cup with you without actually playing hockey, right? Residents/friends/family were so excited to play street hockey with Hossa, they even played in the rain.

Want to see more videos, particularly of Kopecky’s time with the Cup? Click here.

Congrats to Hossa … chances are he appreciated his day with the Cup even more than most of his teammates.

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