Rob Zombie shares his love for hockey, goalie masks and more


It’s often interesting to hear celebrities share their love for hockey. For one thing, they’re the type of people who have access to money and power and groupies, so it’s kind of cool to find out they still have some puck appreciation. Beyond that, it’s kind of refreshing to hear from someone who has a slightly less “sophisticated” – but no less passionate – take on the sport.

The Score spoke with rocker Rob Zombie about his interest in the sport during the cleverly titled “Heavy MTL” event in Montreal. Here’s video of his interview.

(Whether you’re a Zombie fan or not, you have to admit that as bad as that “Mars needs women” song is … it’s awfully catchy. Awfully.)

While I think he has a point about goalie masks lacking character – aside from oddball designs used by Chris Osgood and Dominik Hasek – you can’t deny that the formulaic “cage” masks provide incredible protection. Sure, they won’t ever look as awesome as the kind of mask employed by Gilles Gratton, but how exactly will you top that crazy goalie’s design anyway? Don’t even try.

(Final useless Zombie aside: I’ll never forget that my friend and I counted the amount of times he pushed his hair back in the White Zombie video “More Human than Human.” I vaguely recall our unofficial seventh grade count was either 23 or 27 times. Were we correct?)

(H/T to Sean Leahy from Puck Daddy.)