Jonathan Toews to have a lake named after him


We all know that winning the Stanley Cup is a big deal. We all know that getting to spend a day with it is also a big deal that usually entails getting a parade thrown in your hometown and having a sweet party where any number of things could happen. Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews will be bringing the Cup with him to his hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba – the former home of the Winnipeg Jets.

Greg Wyshynski over at Puck Daddy finds out that the rewards of victory are pretty awesome and long-lasting as his hometown wants to name one of the many lakes in the area after him. Wyshynski spoke with the chief of protocol in Manitoba to find out what, exactly, the name of “Captain Serious'” lake will be.

Q. Lake Toews or Toews Lake?

Toews Lake. Jonathan will receive a map showing exactly where the lake is. He’ll receive a blow up of the lake so he’ll know exactly the configuration of the lake. And the lake is named forever. This is not a lake that we have renamed. This is an unnamed lake that will be named after Jonathan Toews forever.

Ranking out different gifts of adulation one could get from winning the Stanley Cup getting a huge lake named after you ranks out pretty high. After all, a lake isn’t going to totally disappear in one’s lifetime, right? All right, this isn’t the forum for an environmental debate, but I’ll take a lake getting named after me over the key to the city or getting a highway rest stop named in my behalf any day of the week. Speaking of which, why hasn’t there been a Randy McKay rest area along the New Jersey Turnpike yet? The man deserves it.