The PHT Nightcap: Sunday, July 4th

Even in the depressingly hockey-free summer, we expect to be a productive bunch here at Pro Hockey Talk. Sometimes it might be difficult to follow our pace. We understand that. For that reason, whenever we can, we’ll put all of the day’s stories in one convenient post called the PHT Nightcap. Enjoy, hockey fans.

Ryan McDonagh set to leave Wisconsin for the New York Rangers

Russian Web site connects Avs, Flyers to Kovalchuk – It sounds like neither team is too deep into talks with Kovalchuk, after all.

Modano taking his time in finding his next destination – He might break the Awkwardness Scale if he returns to Dallas wearing a Detroit Red Wings jersey.

There was a bidding war for Boogaard. Seriously. – We should get Don King involved next time.

Flyers didn’t make offer to Kovalchuk

Kovalchuk rejects Kings’ best shot – The saga continues. Again.

Comparing Patrick Kane to the all-time best American forwards – It’s crazy how well Kane compares to Mike Modano, Pat LaFontaine and Jeremy Roenick. At least in their first three seasons.

Kovalchuk demands $100M – Not sure if that’s true, but if so, you have to wonder how reasonable he’s being in contract talks.

The All-Time All-American team – The big debate, in my mind, is Tom Barrasso vs. Mike Richter. I went with Barrasso. Who would you choose?

Brian Burke honors son in Toronto Pride Parade – A difficult, but beautiful story.

KHL team might land Kovalchuk – Oddly enough, though, the offer isn’t for $100 million. It’s a story worth examining, but we’ll see if it’s anything more than a rumor soon enough.

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