2010 NHL Free Agency: Minnesota signs Eric Nystrom to three-year, $4.2M contract


nystromcollision.jpgThe Minnesota Wild signed former Calgary Flames forward Eric Nystrom to a three-year, $4.2 million contract according to Bob McKenzie.

At age 27 with a career-high of 19 points last season, it’s hard to say that Nystrom justified the Flames’ decision to make him the 10th pick of the 2002 draft. He’s a gritty player, a lot like his father, former NHL player Bob Nystrom. Aside from that tidbit, the only particularly interesting fact about him is that three out of his five goals during the 2008-09 season were game-winners.

It’s been a great day for solid but unspectacular players, particularly when it comes to the Minnesota Wild.