2010 NHL Free Agency: Flyers surprisingly give Jody Shelley 3-year, $3.3M contract


The Philadelphia Flyers signed rugged forward Jody Shelley to a stunning three-year, $3.3 million deal according to Bob McKenzie. Uh, what?

Look, I know the Flyers enjoy living in the stone age at times, re-living their Broad Street Bullies days over and over again. Shelley won’t bring many (if any) points to the table, so you know why the Flyers signed him: for carnage.

When you look at Derek Boogaard failing to sign with the Minnesota Wild, Donald Brashear making his way to the Rangers doghouse and Georges Laraque’s buyout in Montreal, all signs point to enforcers being marginalized. Even if the Flyers decided they wanted to keep that imposing element, why did they pay Shelley so much … and for three years?

I don’t get it, but I guess the Flyers really want to hold true to their traditional image of bruising and bullying opponents. (And, apparently, their own wallets.)