NHL fires Coyotes president Doug Moss, promotes Mike Nealy to spot

It’s not easy when the NHL is your boss. The league, aka the acting owner of the Phoenix Coyotes, fired team president Doug Moss and promoted Mike Nealy to the vacated position. TSN has the report, along with this quick summary of the two executives’ backgrounds.

Moss had been the Coyotes’ President since December, 2002. Prior to that, he had been a Senior Vice-President with the Anaheim Ducks, and President and CEO of the International Hockey League.

Nealy, who joined the Coyotes in 2006, was an Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer for the club. Prior to joining Phoenix, he had worked in finance with the Minnesota Wild.

I’d say the firing was silly if you just looked at last season, but he’s been the president for the club for most of the decade. Considering how wayward the Coyotes have been since then, it seems perfectly reasonable to dump the guy at the top.

That being said, Moss has plenty of work to do. Really, most of the heavy lifting is out of his hands, as the Coyotes need to find an owner (and possibly a new home?) before they can expect to be stable. The Coyotes sale situation is (sadly) far from over, so stay tuned.

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