Columbus claims Moreau; NHL teams put Dawes, Preissing, others on waivers

moreau.jpgWhile the Columbus Blue Jackets claimed Ethan Moreau off of waivers, there are plenty of other players on the waiver wire today. Here is a list from Kevin Allen of USA Today.

On waivers today: Tom Preissing, Jay Pandolfo, Andrew Peters, Nigel Dawes and Nokelainen.

Preissing is a very flawed defenseman (although he could provide plenty of “Preissing on Aisle 5” fun). Pandolfo is a hard-working, hustle guy who often seemed on the wrong end of goals. Peters, Dawes and Petteri Nokelainen are marginal players, at best.

Every now and then, a good player gets stuck in a bad place. After all, Danny Briere was the 2010 playoffs’ leading scorer and he was once waived by the Phoenix Coyotes.

It’s doubtful that any of those players will make more than a minimal impact on potential teams, but we’ll keep you up to date if they catch on anywhere this week.

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