Brian Burke: Leafs not looking to trade for Marc Savard


brianburke.jpgOh, how the trade rumors flew this past weekend in Los Angeles, with
Marc Savard’s name being mentioned the most. With Savard reportedly
naming Toronto and Ottawa as the two teams he’s waive his NTC for,
speculation began to fly as to what sort of deal the Maple Leafs could
be working up for the veteran center.

According to Brian Burke,
there is not going to be a trade involving the Toronto Maple Leafs and
Marc Savard.

Talking with Fan 590 in Toronto, per TSN, this is
what Burke had to say:

“The rumour – what I read anyway – is that Boston is looking to move
this player,” he said. “We have some options presented to us over the
weekend, trade wise, that do not involve this player (Savard) that we
are looking at.”

“Suffice it to say, the media are focused on one name,” Burke said.
“And we are looking at multiple names – not including Marc Savard.”

As far as Tomas Kaberle goes, Burke said that most of the offers for
the defenseman this past weekend involved a draft pick, and that the
Leafs were not looking get a first round pick for Kaberle — they want
immediate help at forward. Since he didn’t hear any offers that were
perfect for Toronto, they put things on hold regarding a Kaberle trade.

He hints that a Kaberle trade is not a 100% priority, and that
they’ll only move the defenseman if they the perfect deal for a forward.
Since he steadfastly refuses the Leafs are looking at Savard, I’m
guessing an aging center with a bloated contract isn’t exactly what the
Leafs are looking at in return.

“We’re hearing two more offers today, but I’m guessing that nothing’s
crystallized until July 1 when we se where free agent defencemen end