Poll results: Dave Andreychuk received biggest 2010 HHOF 'snub'

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Thumbnail image for andreychuk.jpgWith any exclusive process, there will be hand-wringing regarding people who were left out.

Even so, much of the hockey world was stunned when the 2010 Hockey Hall of Fame inductees were announced. While the debates have mostly faded thanks to the draft, the choices created quite a bit of controversy on Twitter and other forums.

On that day, snubpoll.JPG

That’s an insanely close race. I’m a little surprised that Dave Andreychuk ended up being named the biggest snub and it’s also a bit shocking that much-hated Eric Lindros received so many votes. Perhaps Lindros is like Nickelback; few people will publicly acknowledge their admiration for him, yet they secretly support his whiny Canadian ways. (Wow, seriously, is Lindros the Nickelback of hockey? I might have to examine that question further at some point … )

Some of the write-in candidates included Broadstreet Bullies-era Flyers coach Fred Shero, Gordie Howe’s son Mark and John Leclair.

Judging from the poll, the debate could be very strong next summer, especially considering the fact that there will be a weak 2011 HHOF class followed by a crop of strong candidates in 2012 and potentially 2013 (detailed here). It’s almost a year away, but expect that conversation to be fascinating.