2010 NHL Entry Draft: Marc Savard trade a definite possibility


The word down here at the Staples Center is that the Boston Bruins are likely to trade Marc Savard today, as they look to free up some cap space and create room on the roster for first round pick Tyler Seguin.

Even though there’s though Seguin could get one more year in the OHL, there’s still a good chance he makes the jump to the Bruins this season.

The Bruins are looking to get some defense on the way back, and I’ve heard mention that they’d like to package Savard with Tim Thomas if possible. I doubt that trade will happen when you consider Thomas’ contract, but a Savard trade is defenitely possible.

No word on which teams might be interested, or exactly what sort of value the Bruins can get. All we have to go on is a general consensus on the floor and some whispers from the team’s tables.