Canucks GM Mike Gillis might look to trade 1st rounder for multiple picks

gillisgm.jpgAlthough the team has a first-round draft pick (the 25th choice to be exact), the Vancouver Canucks are a little nervous because they lack a second and third rounder in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft. The team lost those picks thanks to trades for forward Steve Bernier and defenseman Andrew Alberts.

After that 25th pick, the team will have to wait until No. 115 unless they make a move.

TSN has this video that details GM Mike Gillis’ interest in possibly trading for picks in the second or third round.

As Gillis points out, plenty of moves are made amid the chaos on the draft floor. Considering the fact that it’s a lower pick, the Canucks will probably need to settle for quantity over quality (unless, of course, a player drops unexpectedly).

One thing’s certain: expect to read some variation on the phrase “the best player available” frequently if you’re following the draft talk in the next week.

(H/T to Nucks Misconduct.)

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