NHL's competition committee proposes new headshot penalty

to The Canadian Press
, the NHL’s competition committee has proposed
a rule change for next season, that would have players given a penalty
on the ice for intentional hits to the head.

Mathieu Schneider
said that the committee met on Friday, and on top of the proposed rule
change also agreed on rules for goaltender equipment and approved the
Heritage Classic game in Calgary for this season.

If you remember,
the committee first sought to block an in-season change proposed by the
general managers regarding head shots when the NHL knee-jerked after a
number of dangerous hits left several players severely injured. The
committee eventually agreed to the temporary rule change, with the plan
of approving a much more detailed plan this summer.

The hangup
this past season with the temporary change was that in-game penalties
wouldn’t change but gave the NHL room to suspend players for breaking a
rule that technically wasn’t in place yet. You could understand the
committee’s reluctance to agree on such a change, but the NHL fired back
saying they could make the change with or without the players’

The NHL’s board of governors will meet during next
week’s draft in Los Angeles, where they will vote on the proposed rule
changes by the competition committee.

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