Red Wings capologist turns down Yzerman, stays with Detroit

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tb-yzerman.jpgTwo weeks ago we let you know that new Lightning GM Steve Yzerman was looking at folks to help him figure out the team’s salary cap situation and one of those guys was Ryan Martin, the capologist for the Detroit Red Wings. Helene St. James of the Detroit Free Press let’s us know that this is one guy that Yzerman won’t get a hold of.

The Detroit Red Wings will keep their coveted “capologist,” as Ryan Martin has decided to stay with the team rather than become an assistant general manager to Steve Yzerman in Tampa Bay.

“I decided last night, and I talked to Steve last night and told him I decided to stay,” Martin said today. “It was a difficult decision but also a good decision.”

I have to admit, if Steve Yzerman asked me to go work with him I’d probably knock over a pack of children to get at that opportunity, so Ryan Martin is a stronger person than I am. That said, he’s been with the Wings since 2005 and given the salary magic he’s done for them, I’m sure that Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch is making sure he’s very well taken care of.

For the Lightning, it was a chance that Yzerman had to take, especially considering that Steven Stamkos has a new contract to negotiate soon and good luck trying to tell him he’s not worth as much (if not more) to the Lightning as Vincent Lecavalier. Victor Hedman also will be looking for a new contract in two years. I’m not going to say that the Lightning have some serious headaches coming their way… Actually, no, I will say it.

Lecavalier’s contract weighs heavily on this team and should he snap out of the funk he was in for most of last season and return to his old form, he’s worth every penny. If he doesn’t though… That’s a really expensive albatross to carry around and one that’s virtually impossible to dump on someone else.