Toronto Maple Leafs officially announce Dion Phaneuf as captain, jersey redesign

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As we expected, the Toronto Maple Leafs named Dion Phaneuf their newly minted captain during a press conference today. There was more news than that, though, as the Leafs look to be echoing their past in other ways too. Check out their “new” jerseys, which as Icethetics points out, bring back a shoulder patch used 10 years ago and also features two horizontal stripes added to the bottom of the sweater. (phaneufcaptain.jpg

Now, here’s a look at the rather plain duds they were wearing last season.


On some level, every season is a “big” season in the pressure cooker that is Toronto (even if most seasons qualify as a disappointment). Still, for GM Brian Burke, Phaneuf and coach Ron Wilson, the 2010-11 season could very well be a make-or-break campaign.

If nothing else, they’ll look quite a bit more stylish, even if this experiment fails.