Jay Cutler is happy for the Blackhawks


Cutler.jpgChicago’s favorite NFL quarterback weighed in on the Blackhawks’ Cup
victory, after absolutely destroying “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”
yesterday at Wrigley Field. From
Fred Mitchell:

“I know a few of those (Blackhawks) guys and I am happy for them. It is
very hard to win something like that of that status,” he said. “Coming
into Chicago, you knew what kind of sports town it was. It is no
surprise see Chicago (fans) come out in full force (to support the
Blackhawks). I have a lot of family from up in this area and I have been
a fan of Chicago all of my life. Being here a year and really getting
into the community, it’s fun.”

I’m not going to get
into my thoughts about Jay Cutler and his time as a Chicago Bears
quaterback. After all, this is a hockey website.

Ok, maybe I

I had high hopes for Cutler when he first came into the NFL;
the prospect of watching a guy with the ability to scramble, dodge
defenders and then chuck the football 80 yards down the field were
exciting. Except it turns out there’s other aspects of playing football a
quaterback needs to perfect to be successful — just ask Jamarcus

Man, it has to be painful for Chicago fans to finally get a quarterback with the potential that Cutler possesses, only to see him put up one hellaciously bad season.

Enjoy watching the Blackhawks tote that Cup around,
Chicago fans.