Forsberg was offered chance to play for Flyers


Per TSN, and
according to the Swedish newspaper Expressen, Peter Forsberg was offered
the chance to sign with the Philadelphia Flyers on March 2nd.

“Yeah, it’s true,” Forsberg told Expressen. “But I felt that I wasn’t
in good enough shape to go.”

“Obviously it would’ve been cool since I know so many of those guys
from my time with the team,” Forsberg told Expressen.

At the time, the Flyers were struggling to stay in the playoff hunt
with goaltending questions and injuries to both Jeff Carter and Simon
Gagne. Forsberg stated that he had his own injuries to deal with, which
prevented him from taking up Mike Paul Holmgren on his offer.

Forsberg still has not decided on a return to the NHL, and you wonder
if healthy how much of a difference he would have made for the the
Flyers. There’s no doubt his leadership and experience would have been
invaluable, but I doubt that his production would have been a difference
maker for the Flyers.

He was invisible while playing with Sweden during the Olympics, and
is nowhere near the player he was just four or five years ago. Still,
Forsberg back on the Flyers would have been a very interesting
combination as the team geared up for the playoffs.