Coach Quenneville still cleaning up the mess

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Quennie.jpgThe fans in Chicago were thrilled to finally see the Stanley Cup
finally back in the Blackhawks’ hands. After all, there’s a good chance
that a high number of Hawks fans weren’t alive the last time the Hawks
won the Stanley Cup — it’s understandable then why they were so pumped.

pumped, in fact, that
they decided to toilet paper Joel Quenneville’s house
. Those

A day later, and the cleanup effort continues. From Chris
Kuc of the Chicago Tribune:

“It’s an on-going mess,” Quenneville said Saturday with the hint of a
smile. “My legs and my back are sore. It seems like we continue to keep
picking paper up. Hopefully it will be done by today.

“It was all in good fun and received in good fun. I was not
disappointed one bit. I don’t know the characters and … I’m not
concerned with getting even with them.”

Ehh, of course it’s all in fun. But come on guys, Quenneville just
spent a very long season doing what he needed to get the Cup in Chicago,
and he has only a limited amount of time to rest and recharge before
the draft. Spending the weekend cleaning toilet paper out of his yard
isn’t very fun.

I say the Chicago fans that were so pumped to ‘celebrate’ band
together to clean up his yard.