Chicago Blackhawks are your Stanley Cup champions


Kane4.jpgChicago Blackhawks 4, Philadelphia Flyers 3 (OT)

win the Stanley Cup finals, 4-2

It was perhaps the most
anti-climatic, oddest ending to a Stanley Cup finals we’ve seen in a
very long time.

Patrick Kane somehow snuck a wrist shot through
Michael Leighton’s pads from parallell with the goal line, and he was
the only one in the building that knew it. He took off down the ice,
screaming his head off while those on the ice looked around in confusion
on what had just happened. The Hawks tentatively celebrated while the
officials briefly reviewed the goal.

No lights. No signal from the
referees on the goal.

Just a lone player taking off down the ice
after scoring the biggest goal of his career.

Much, much more to
come on this game.