2010 Stanley Cup finals: History will be made controversy?


Say what you will about the NHL’s marketing efforts in the past, it’s pretty easy to say that the series of “History Will Be Made” spots the league has crafted before and throughout the playoffs have been, for the most part, poignant and well thought out.  Much like all things, however, there comes a moment where you wonder if perhaps the ad wizards in charge of everything have gotten a bit carried away and pulled a Fonz and went water skiing with it.

Enter the latest spot from the NHL featuring Dustin Byfuglien and Chris Pronger asking “What if the Blackhawks couldn’t be bullied?”

Never mind the question the spot asks since Game 5 was the only game in the finals where we really saw the Blackhawks get physical right back with the Flyers. How about the NHL giving some folks the idea (read: crazy conspiracy theorists and/or Flyers fans) that the league is openly rooting for the Blackhawks? And we bet you thought all the tinfoil hat talk went away with the Red Wings… Ha!

So what do you think dear readers? Is the league taking sides here or is this just an example of a great ad campaign going over the top?