2010 NHL Scouting Combine: Hall, Seguin answer weird questions

tylerseguincombine.jpgJob interviews are awkward. They’re quite a bit like blind dates; there’s a lot of pressure and the person is only meeting a compromised version of yourself.

The NHL Scouting Combine includes a 20-minute interview that gives teams a chance to “get to know” prospects. What that seems to come down to, at times at least, is teams asking potential players some really strange questions. TSN shares some of the oddness.

Fellow top prospect Taylor Hall of the Windsor Spitfires also fielded an off-beat question.

“They asked me, ‘If you were getting invaded by a country in a war and you had to take one family member with you, who would it be?’

“There was no right answer, but it was just a weird question,” Hall told TSN.

The story states that Hall’s competitor for the No.1 pick, Tyler Seguin, was asked what he liked better: “a gun or a poem?” Somewhere, I wonder if Axl Rose was putting together random interview questions. (For the record, Seguin said he chose a poem. Good move.)

Do these Q&A sessions really prove anything? I doubt it. Still, teams are desperate for every little nugget of information. Now we just need to hear about hilarious Wonderlic scores too.

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