Mike Modano not making decision on retirement just yet

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Mike Modano was on 1310 The Ticket in Dallas this morning, and
discussed — among a number of other topics — his future with the team.
Dallas Morning News has the transcript of his interview
, including
these thoughts on the possibilities of playing next season:

Well, it’s tough
to say. I enjoy watching the playoffs, and I think, when you
watch those guys still playing, I think that kind of gets you
excited about the game and the sport, and to see some of the Cinderella
stories that have happened this spring and things like that. When
you get older you always want to have chances and runs in the
playoffs. The last couple of years we haven’t made the playoffs
obviously, so you always want to leave on a good, positive high
note and it hasn’t happened the last couple of years so I don’t
know. I’ll have to talk to a lot of people and wait and see what
happens with the Stars and wait to see what happens with free
agency and what type of moves they’re going to make, if any.

yeah. Completely non-committal, with a hint of Brett Favre-esque “I
still miss the game” and “I don’t know if I’m ready to give up on the
game” approach to the summer.

Mike Modano is a proud hockey
player, and you know the fact that the Stars have come up so short the
past few seasons is weighing heavily on his heart. There’s no guarantees
that the Stars will be back in the playoffs next season, and depending
on what happens with the ownership situation there’s still a chance the
Stars make moves this summer to try and take the next step.

If the
Stars do improve into a playoff team next season, then you know Modano
would love to be part of one last postseason run. Still, you have to
feel that after the goodbyes and farewells at the end of the season,
this just feels like the right time for Modano to hang up the skates.

course, it also depends on whether the Stars are willing to pay for
Modano to return.