2010 Stanley Cup Finals: We're in for a treat, says Burish

I doubt many people expected a Chicago Blackhawks and Philadelphia
Flyers finals for the Stanley Cup. I know I didn’t. Despite the great
run the Flyers have been on this postseason, it also doesn’t seem that
many are giving the Flyers much of a chance (more on that later today).

Still, I’m expecting we’re in for one heck of an entertaining series,
and Adam Burish agrees:

”From top to bottom, just look at their captain; the guy fights
seven, eight, nine times a year, Mike Richards, They have [Daniel]
Carcillo and [Arron] Asham. They got [Scott] Hartnell, who plays hard.
They’ve got a lot of guys that teeter on that edge.

watching, you’re going to be in for another treat of a series
because … it’s two kind of cocky teams playing against each other. It
will make for a good finals.”

Burish hinted that the Blackhawks
will be looking to take advantage of the physicality and the attitudes
of the Flyers, much in the same manner they goaded the Vancouver Canucks
into focusing on the agitating itself and not the actual play on the

It’s one of those immeasurable aspects of a Cup finals, the
intangibles inherent in both teams that you don’t have a stat for.
These two teams will be playing mental warfare with each other, as they
look to find any edge possible over the opposition.

This is what
Adam Burish lives for, and now he gets to be as annoying and agitating
as possible in the Stanley Cup finals.

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