Tom Pyatt out, Mathieu Darche in for Montreal in Game 5


darrrrsh.jpgTom Pyatt was an absolute factor in the one game that the Montreal Canadiens actually found a way to score in so far against Philadelphia. The rugged forward had a goal and an assist in that lone 5-1 win, but he won’t be able to suit up for the Habs in the first of what Montreal hopes is three elimination games against the Flyers.

Instead, Mathieu Darche will take his place, the Montreal Gazette reports. (Am I the only one who always thinks about “Stan Darsh” from South Park whenever I hear/read Darche’s name?)

Losing Pyatt cannot help the Habs’ cause, but like we’ve all said a million times, never count this team out. They’re 5-0 in elimination games so break out your Fat Lady Singing cliches and avoid counting chickens if you’re around eggs, etc.