Reports: Hurricanes sale talk 'much ado over very little'

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A few moments ago I reported that Carolina Hurricanes owner Peter Karmanos was looking to sell 50 percent – maybe more – of the team, preferably to someone in the local North Carolina area. The team issued a statement mentioning that Karmanos has been looking to find a replacement since his partner’s death in 2008 and that the hiring of Allen & Co. is meant to expedite the process in finding a minority partner.

The News & Observer goes one further, stating that the news on the sale is “much ado over very little” and reports that the potential partial sale has been going on for six years. Here’s more from Luke DeCock.

At any rate, Karmanos’ decision to seek help finding a buyer for Thewes’ shares — and presumably some of Karmanos’ own — in the team isn’t groundbreaking. It’s an incremental move forward in a process that has taken too long already.

Does this guarantee that Karmanos won’t sell a substantial part of the team, though? If history tells us anything, these things can change rapidly. I’m not saying Karmanos is going to sell half or all of the team, just that it’s far from impossible.

Still, at the moment, we’ll act as if this report isn’t that big of a deal after all. For now, at least. Maybe.

(Thanks to HMoF2 on Twitter for the clarification.)