Carter closer, but don't expect him back just yet

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Carter.jpgThe Philadelphia Flyers are getting closer to getting their leading
scorer (from the regular season, at least) back, as Jeff Carter took
part in his first full practice with the team. From the AP report:

Holmgren was encouraged after watching Carter skate
Thursday during practice before Game 3 of the NHL Eastern Conference
final series against Montreal, which the Flyers lead 2-0. Holmgren says
he’s “not at that point yet” to provide a timetable for Carter’s return
because the player isn’t in game shape.

While there’s also the issue of Carter attempting to
get back in game shape, there were also reports that Carter was seen
grimacing several times during drills at the practice. So while he’s
closer to returning, it appears as if he’s still a few games away from
making it back to the ice during a game.

Having Carter back will
make the Flyers a much more dangerous team than they’ve become, as a
number of secondary scorers have stepped up on offense to provide the
production that Carter would have provided. As the playoffs have
progressed, the Flyers have become a suddenly deep and confident team
and have been able to overcome a number of injuries.

So while it
looks as if the Flyers might be on their way to an appearance in the Cup
finals, with Carter back they might actually have a chance at beating
whichever Western Conference team they face.