Playing in Montreal "special" for Gagne, Briere

Don’t expect a warm welcome for Danny Briere ad Simon Gagne in
Montreal just because they are locals. In fact, knowing Habs fans, it’s
likely that Briere and Gagne get a more “enthusiastic” response than
anyone on the Flyers.

Yet for these two players, getting a chance
to play in Montreal is special enough.
Per Tim Panaccio of

“It will be
special,” Gagne said.  “We know what to expect when we’re in
Philly.  We know the crowd and how loud it is, and we kind of use that
on our side. … The city’s crazy, and it’s going to be special to go
there for four days and be part of it.”

“I expect it,” Briere
said.  “But I’ve been through it before.  I’ve
been through it in the playoffs before.  I don’t expect any less boos,
which is kind of nice, because they’ll leave Chris Pronger alone a
little bit.  It’s part of the game and it’s fun.  It means that you’re
doing something well.  I take it as a compliment more than anything.”

no doubt the atmosphere will be even more electric than ever in
Montreal, despite the Canadiens facing a daunting 2-0 deficit. Yet
Briere and Gagne have beeen part of the surge in scoring depth for the
Flyers, and will continue to be instrumental in the frustrations that
they’ve forced upon the Habs.

That the two will be heartily
“welcomed” is just an added spectacle for the game, with what will
undoubtedly be an insanely boisterous home crowd.

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