Mike Cammalleri: "I don't really feel frustrated."

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Brian Compton of
has some Mike Cammalleri quotes from after the Canadiens’
loss to the Flyers, and if the rest of the Habs share his outlook you
wonder if this team needs to adopt a bit more of a killer instinct.
Overall, the leading scorer of the Canadiens doesn’t seem too concerned
with his team’s lack of a goal so far in their two losses.

What do you do to not get too frustrated when you’re getting
so many chances and not burying them?

Cammalleri: “I don’t really feel frustrated. I don’t think we do
as a group. It’s sports. Anybody that’s played sports at a high level,
that’s how it goes. It goes your way sometimes, sometimes it doesn’t.
You just keep working and you keep getting better. Things change
quickly. It is what it is. It’s not the end of the world. It just means
we’ve got to go home and win a couple of games.”

Q: Are you encouraged by the number of chances you had personally

Cammalleri: “Yeah. I must have had five or six shots. I felt I
got tons of chances tonight, and some really good ones. I’m happy when
I’m getting the chances. I know that means they’ll be going in.”

Mike, the chances aren’t going in right now for you and your team.
While Michael Leighton has been extremely solid and confident, the
Canadiens have yet to truly put the pressure on him that they’ll need to
score goals. He’s seeing every shot, there’s no traffic in front and
there just isn’t the urgency you’d like to see in a team that’s truly

It’s tough to really discount this team after it got
this far, but you have to wonder about this easy going attitude.