Patrick Kane claims everything is fine

Kane.jpgSeeing the mullet struggle a bit to get off the ice at the end of the
second period against the Sharks sent a collective gasp among Hawks
fans. Losing Patrick Kane for any amount of time would not exactly spell
instant disaster for Chicago, but it certainly would cause some issues
for a team hoping to take out San Jose.

Now, he did return for
the third period and while he never actually left the bench for any
amount of time just seeing him struggle a bit to get off was enough to
make fans worry.

Of course, this being the playoffs we’ll never
know exactly what happened or what was wrong. From the Chicago Tribune:

never left the game, to be honest with you,” Kane said as the Hawks
regulars got a day off from practice. “I think I missed one shift in the
second and I was fine in the third. Sometimes matchups get a little bit
(in the) way of ice time. I was fine, and nothing’s wrong.”

we didn’t get a hint as to what happened (although it’s a good guess he
just tweaked something — we’ve seen hockey players fight through much
worse this season) of course the next questions turned to why Kane had a
limited amount of minutes.

The coach — and Kane — maintain the
minutes were a bit limited because of the matchups the Sharks were
forcing on the ice.

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