Shane O'Brien hopes to stay in Vancouver

Obrien1.jpgShane O’Brien is an enigma. At times capable of inspiring shut-down
defense while at other times letting his emotions take control and
putting himself and his teammates in some bad situations.

When the
coaches came down on him in the series against the Kings for being
perhaps a bit too agitating, he responded with some solid play. Of
course, like the rest of the Canucks, he failed to use that same emotion
and physicality when they needed it most against the Blackhawks.

as he approaches restricted free agency this summer, he’s hoping to
avoid the arbitration process. He says he’d love to have secure contract
but that he’d be more than willing to come in and play as hard as he
can for the Canucks if he’s offered just a one-year deal.

to the media, per Elliott Pap of the Vancouver Sun, O’Brien says
avoiding arbitration would probably be best for all involved:

“Hopefully I don’t have to go to arb and, from what I heard, it’s not
a pleasant process,” he said. “They’ve probably got a lot of material
they can use against me so it probably wouldn’t work too well.”

“I think I could be an even better player if I had a little bit more
leeway,” O’Brien stated. “If you make a mistake, or have a bad game,
they stick with you and you don’t have to worry about sitting in the
press box.”

After last season’s temporary exile and the off the ice issues he’s
dealt with while with Vancouver, it’s doubtful that the team is willing
to make multi-season commitment. They’d likely prefer to give O’Brien
one more season to prove that the weight and the maturity issues are
gone, and since they cropped up just a month ago I’m sure the problems
are still fresh on the minds of the front office.

And while O’Brien may prefer to come back to the Canucks, you have to
wonder if living somewhere other than Vancouver would be best for the
problems he’s had in the past.

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