Hal Gill likely to play in Game 7

The Montreal Canadiens were able to get by without Hal Gill in Game
6, but asking the team to have the same success two games in a row would
be a difficult task. Gill has been instrumental in shutting down Sidney
Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, and having him back for Game 7 will be an
instant boost for the Habs, no matter how well they might have played
Monday night.

After trying his best go get on the ice for Game 6,
it looks as though it’s more than likely he’ll be playing tonight in
Pittsburgh. Gill missed the last game after being cut on the back of his
leg by a skate, another instance it what seems to be an epidemic of
similar injuries.

As far as the other injured Habs defenseman
goes, although he skated it doesn’t appear that Andrei Markov will be
able to play tonight. Of course, anything can change as we approach game
time but as of now all the reports coming out of Pittsburgh indicate
that Gill is in and Markov is out.

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