Savard has had enough with Mike Richards


Savard6.jpgIt took nearly 55 minutes, but the Boston Bruins finally showed some
emotion in last night’s game against the Flyers. Unfortunately, at that
point the Bruins were down 4-0 and already it was inevitable that the
series was headed back to Philadelphia for a Game 6.

At the heart
of the festivities between the two teams at the end of the game was Marc
Savard and Mike Richards. Savard has seemingly had enough with
Richards’ antics, who has gone out of his way to agitate the Bruins with
his physicality and big hits. Knocking David Kejci out in Game 3 didn’t
help, and then Savard constantly being checked into the boards became
the last straw before the emotional player had enough.

Joe Haggerty of

“I was just facing the boards again, and enough is enough of that,”
said Savard in the Bruins dressing room following the game. “It’s a
reaction. Part of hockey, I guess.

“I just got fired up. Like I got hit the other night in Philly from
behind, and then I was facing the glass again in the same situation
[tonight]. And I look back at [the hit on Krejci] and enough is enough. I
don’t know that’s all.”

Like the Vancouver Canucks, the Bruins need to find a way to channel
this anger and frustration into some solid play on the ice. While Savard
and the Bruins worry about what Richards is doing, the Flyers have
controlled play and taken all the momentum of the series.