Sami Salo may have ruptured testicle


There are several reports floating around, and it’s been mentioned on TSN, that Sami Salo may have suffered from a ruptured testicle when he was hit with a puck late in the first period.

I’ll wait for you to get back up off the floor before continuing….

Seeing how Salo reacted to the shot, the way he writhed around on the ice afterward, it certainly seemed like he took a puck to the sensitive bits. I mentioned it on Twitter, but refrained from further speculation out of superstition and respect. I hoped it was a wrist injury.

Then seeing Salo carted off to the hospital on a stretcher, with him sitting up but a blanket draped over his lower half… seems all of our fears were realized.

We hope Salo nothing but the best and a speedy and full recovery. Obviously, we’ll update with further news as we can.

Here’s the video of the play: