Staal says he wants to play

He’s still going to be a game-time decision, but if Staal had his way he’d be playing tonight against the Canadiens. Per Chris Stevenson:

“We’re talking to the doctors and we’re talking to Jordan. It’s about
being comfortable in the (skate) boot. There can’t be any damage to the
procedure. it’s about getting comfortable with pushing off,” said
Penguins coach Dan Bylsma.

Staal is using the same skates he was wearing when he was cut, after having the tongue of the boot repaired from when PK Subban’s skate blade made it’s way through and into Staal’s foot.

No one will say exactly how bad the cut to the tendon on top of his foot is, but it seems as though not only is Staal close to playing but he could be more than just an extra body on the ice. He’s just as valuable to this team as Crosby and Malkin, and having him back on the ice will be dangerous for the Canadiens.

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