"Too many men" for Sharks not a big deal


Sharks.jpgThere’s a screencap making the rounds today that shows seven men on
the ice for the Sharks at the moment when Patrick Marleau was scoring
the winning goal in overtime last night against the Detroit Red Wings.
Here’s a link to the screencap, courtesy of Greg Wyshynski.

What it shows is two Sharks players looking down the ice near the
bench, as their teammates jump on the ice during a line change. The play
is far down the ice with Joe Thornton already making the pass across to
Marleau. Is this technically “too many men on the ice” for the Sharks?
Technically, yes but it’s far from the egregious penalty that some may
point it out to be.

This line change is really no different than any others you see
throughout a game, especially with the play on the other end of the ice.
Is it a bit of a lazy change, especially with the two off-going players
gazing down the ice? Of course it is, but the change had absolutely no
bearing on the play that happened.

The good news is that from what I’ve seen, the majority of Wings fans
are saying that the game was not lost on this one “missed call”. Still,
I’m almost 90% certain this wouldn’t have been brought up if it didn’t
happen to the Red Wings.