Savard not phased by Carcillo's chatter

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CarcilloSavard.jpgYou knew there was going to be some fireworks between the Flyers and
Bruins. It was inevitable. I never would have guessed that Marc Savard
would be at the center of it.

As the series heads back to
Philadelphia Dan Carcillo is vowing to keep the pressure on Savard,
aiming to match up with him as much as possible. What’s interesting is
that Carcillo says he’s going to let his actions speak for him:

“I don’t know, we’ll see what happens,” Carcillo said following the
Flyers game-day skate in advance of Wednesday’s all-important Game 3.
“I’m not going to talk too much.”

Savard says he’s not going to get into any verbal back and forth with
Carcillo nor how he expects to be “welcomed” by the Philly crowd.

Savard was accused of biting Carcillo during a scrum in the second
period Monday, although there’s no way to tell whether that happened or
not. Of course, Carcillo’s forearm whack to the side of the head of
Savard didn’t exactly place him in the good graces of the Bruins, so it
will be interesting to see how the team responds to all of this chatter
back and forth.

Playing in front of the home crowd, I’m expecting an amped up
Carcillo to do something violent, energetic and perhaps a bit dumb.