Capitals upset they let the city down


You could see it on the faces of the players, coaches and fans. After
the Game 7 loss to the Canadiens it wasn’t just disappointment the team
and fans felt, it was utter dejection. The Washington D.C. area hasn’t
had that great of a time in the sports world lately, and the local fans
had latched onto the Capitals as their next hope for any kind of
success. Seeing their team fall way short of their goal, yet again, was

The players themselves say that while they fell
short of their personal goals of a Stanley Cup, they feel bad for the
city most of all.
From Dan Steinberg’s D.C Sports Blog:

“I feel bad
for the city right now, for D.C.,” Nicklas Backstrom said.
“The fans have been supporting us all year and we can’t do better for

Bruce Boudreau echoed that sentiment, saying,
“We’re more upset that we have so many great fans that we wanted them to
continue to be happy. We wanted to win it for them as much as we wanted
to win it for us. So we’re disappointed for the whole area because we’ve
grown this into a hockey area and we want it to stay that.”

has been some talk of firing the coach or blowing the team up, focusing
on the system that supposedly will never work in the playoffs. While
there certainly needs to be some changes that are made, I’m not going to
go as far as saying that the team needs to start over. Some adjustments
in the makeup of the players’ approaches, and perhaps some slight
personnel changes and the Capitals could finally get over the playoff
hump that’s turned them into the next San Jose Sharks of the NHL.