Stuart to return, "If my veins hold up"

It’s amazing that Mark Stuart is anywhere even remotely close to playing, but after taking part in a morning skate it seems that he is gearing up for a possible return to the Bruins in the playoffs. He’d even like to return in the second round, if possible.

As recently as a couple of weeks ago, Stuart was wearing a Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter, a device that sent antibiotics directly to his heart. The problem was that he couldn’t skate, he couldn’t work, he couldn’t even sweat with that treatment. So he’s been fitted with a temporary device in in his arm, that he covers with a bandage and pad that allows him to play. Per Fluto Shinzawa of The Boston Globe:

“We’ll give this a shot,” Stuart said. “It’s a different treatment. It’s still giving the medication to my body. It’s just a matter of whether my veins can hold up. They have so far. So it’s good to go right now.”

“It’s just a matter of if my veins hold up” is not exactly what you expect a player to say as he’s gearing up to return to playing ice hockey in the NHL. This is a guy who is intent on returning to the ice to help out his team; the key is not….you know…do something fatal.

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