Leafs, Flames, Habs fans listed among 'most stubborn' in sports

leafsfans.jpgAskMen.com featured an intriguing little article today in which they named the top 10 “most stubborn” fan bases in all of sports. Three NHL teams managed to make the list and to very little surprise, all of them are Canadian. Here’s a little excerpt for each one, along with a pithy comment from yours truly.

No. 2 Toronto Maple Leafs

Leafs fans are more committed to their team than Whitney Houston was to Bobby Brown. Overall, they’ve probably taken about the same amount of abuse.

Burn! If you know me, you know I’ll always approve of a Bobby Brown reference. Does that make me a bad person? Wait, don’t answer that …

No. 6 Montreal Canadiens

Those stubborn Habs fans are stuck in the past. They’re quick with a quote from a memorable season in the ’70s and they’ll reminisce about the good old days, but the reality is that they are nothing more than the champions of mediocrity nowadays.

To be fair, Larry Robinson did hit someone so hard it dented the boards. I’d brag about that alone for 40+ years. That’s just awesome.

No. 8 Calgary Flames

Hockey fans are always committed, but in Calgary, without any other major sports, the Flames are like an only child.

Does that make people in Winnipeg “latch-key” kids? G-get it? Because they don’t have a team/metaphorical parents at home? (Sorry)

In case you’re curious, the Cleveland Browns were named the No. 1 team when it comes to stubborn. See, Browns fans, you can be the best at … oh, right.

(H/T to Sean Leahy from Puck Daddy.)

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