Is Henrik Sedin hurt?

How about some speculating on some speculation?

Gallagher of The Province
asks today whether Henrik Sedin is
nursing a groin injury.

Late in the third period of Game 2 here Henrik was down on his knees
during a stoppage in play by the Vancouver bench stretching out his
groin and after the game he was in the medical room.

Gallagher points out that Henrik Sedin had a particularly off game,
and was far from his playmaking self. Henrik wasn’t available after the
game either, with will obviously just fuel speculation further.

It’s doubtful that Sedin misses any games because of a groin injury
(that may or may not exist), but there’s no question he didn’t look
himself last night against Chicago. If the Canucks hope to finally
realize their Stanley Cup hopes, they’ll need him to be much, much
better than he was last night, injury or not.

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