Crosby welcomed by Montreal fans, for now


The adoring hockey fans of Montreal put aside their temporary dislike
for Sidney Crosby today as the
Canadien Press report
s a throng of adoring fans lining up for his
autograph outside the team’s hotel today to get his autograph.

he’s the most loved player in Canada right now (I think) but I’m
guessing he’s not going to get any big cheers tonight at the Bell
Centre. The Habs fans generally have a tendency to let their national
pride be pushed aside for three hours while cheering on their team.

regards to my comments yesterday about Sidney Crosby still having a
ways to go before he’s a great a leader as some make him out to be? I
stand by them. He’s done some great things in his career already, and
he’s taken big strides the past few seasons to quiet many of his
critics, but losing his cool on national television on NBC is not how
you want your captain to act.

Snapping his stick on the pipe and
then angrily throwing it aside is not the example you want the NHL’s
best player setting, much as you don’t like to see the best players for
any sport losing their cool in front of a national audience.