Tennessee flooding makes impact on Nashville Predators

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Considering my puck-centric existence, it’s sometimes easy to ignore news that means more than what affects NHL scoreboards. Take, for instance, the brutal flooding that had a particularly profound impact on the state of Tennessee while also doing damage in Missouri and Kentucky. Reports indicate that 21 people died because of the disaster as Tennessee received more than twice as much rainfall (13.53) in a 48 hour period than it ever has in the state’s history.

It turns out that even if the Nashville Predators would have made it past the Chicago Blackhawks, the team may have had to “host” its second round series elsewhere. Check out this stunning story from The Nashville Scene.

I was as disappointed as everyone else in town when the Preds got knocked out of the playoffs, but had they advanced, they might have had some trouble skating on home ice – unless they froze the flood.

Folks down at Bridgestone Arena report ankle deep water all along the event level, including in the locker rooms. Arena staff are squeegeeing and mopping up as we speak.

The Winter Classic apparently isn’t the only time a hockey game can be affected by the elements. Let’s hope that the worst is over with as it seems like the flooding was as disastrous as it was unpredictable. Our best wishes go out to anyone impacted by the weather.

(H/T to On the Forecheck.)