Marc Savard: "You couldn't script it any better."

to Joe Sullivan of the Bruins Blog
, we have a transcript of Marc
Savard’s post-game press conference.

Just an instant before
Savard’s big game-winning slapshot, I was remarking that we hadn’t seen
much of the returning hero in the third period and especially not in
overtime, when the energy of the game was incredibly intensified.

Claude Julien was able to get him out on the ice, and Savard used the
opportunity to take a big swing at a bouncing puck, hitting it so hard
just as it hit the ice that Brian Boucher never had a chance to even
react to the shot. After the game, Savard gave Dennis Wideman credit for
getting him the puck.

“Wids made a nice pinch and kept it alive, I was just
thinking as soon as this thing lands, I’m shooting it.”
“I thought
why not get a shot here and it (the puck) just landed perfectly. I just
clipped it perfect.”

He also said that he wanted to
test out his head by getting in some hits early on, and that Chris
Pronger was more than happy to oblige.

“Chris Pronger
took me out a couple of times and tested my head out for
me, that was nice of him.”

He also said that he got
a bit teary eyed as he hit the ice to a rousing ovation in front of the
home crowd, and that he meant to throw his stick into the stands as a
gift to the fans. They ended up throwing it back.

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