Report: Shane Doan out tonight vs. Red Wings

The Coyotes were able to do it two days ago without him, and they’ll
have to do it again tonight. Despite what I believe to be were heated
arguments to the contrary by Doan, the coaching staff feels that he is
not ready to return just yet.

Gee, it’s be nice to know exactly
what his injury is.

Interestingly, some reports are that Doan is
still a game time decision. This is what we were told on Sunday and he
never appeared for warmups; I’ll wait until I see him on the ice but it
certainly seems as though he’s out tonight.

The last time the Red
Wings were dominated and embarrassed in an afternoon game on NBC, they
destroyed the Coyotes two games in a row. I can’t wait to see how they
react in a Game 7 atmosphere on the road.

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