Savard could return tonight for Game 6

Marc Savard is just one test away from returning to game action, and
could be on the ice tonight for the Bruins as they try one more time to
eliminate the Buffalo Sabres. From Kevin Dupont of the Boston Globe:

“If you’re asking me,
yeah, I could
play,” said Savard, knowing that he gets only partial say in the
matter, and no say at all if he flunks Neuropsych 101. “But if it means
I’m watching another one, then that’s what it’s going to be.”

will have to pass another neuropsyche test this afternoon before he is
cleared by the doctors to actually play. He says that he’s been feeling
no ill effects from the practices, other than being a bit more tired
than normal in the evenings.

For a team that looked flat as
pancakes in Buffalo on Friday, Savard’s return could be the spark they
need in order to finish off the upset of the 3rd seeded Sabres. With the
game tonight being at home in Boston, even 8-10 minutes for Savard
would provide the emotional spark needed for the Bruins to complete the
series without having to head back to Buffalo for Game 7.

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