Red Wings sticking with Howard for Game 7

Howard2.jpgIt’s tough to fault Jimmy Howard for yesterday’s Game 6 loss to the
Phoenix Coyotes. His team, after starting so strong, wasn’t the same in
the final 40 minutes of the game and allowed the Coyotes to once again
control play as the game progressed.

Plus, it’s not Howard’s fault that the Red Wings failed to score on
numerous power play chances.

Yet, there will be some consternation over the rookie’s performance
(admittedly, there were a few goals allowed that should have been
stopped) and while the Red Wings do have veteran Chris Osgood as a
backup, the Red Wings will be going with Howard once more in Game 7.

Says Osgood, via
Chris McCosky of The Detroit News:

“He’ll be
ready,” veteran back-up Chris Osgood said. “He had a good attitude even
after (the game). We were talking, not joking around, but just laughing
about different scenarios. He’s cool. He’s just going to go out and
play. He’s played the same way positionally and everything else the
whole series.

So, with a multiple Stanley Cup-winning
goaltender Osgood sitting on the bench the Red Wings’ season will hinge
on a rookie goaltender. It’s not as if he’s struggled all series; as
long as it’s not an afternoon game on NBC he should be fine.

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