Predators not happy with NHL decision on Hossa


Understandably, the Predators aren’t all that happy with the NHL’s
decision not to suspend Marian Hossa. After all, it was eerily similar
to the hit that landed Alex Ovechkin a two-game suspension earlier in
the season. Predators
GM Davis Poile was a bit upset himself:

“I thought, from our standpoint, it merited a suspension
and a game misconduct, but the league didn’t, so we move on,” Poile
said. “(The hit) is not why we lost the game, the only thing that
matters now is how we play (in Game 6).”

Of course, yesterday the team said they’d be happy with whatever
decision the league made. I’m guessing they’d be a bit more
understanding if they had the result they really wanted and thought
Hossa deserved.

I could have told you he wouldn’t be suspended as
soon as the game was over. The referees actually made the wrong call on
the ice, defaulting to the ever-present “boarding” penalty that we’re
seeing way too often. Instead, it should have been a checking from
behind call, which would have constituted an automatic misconduct. A
boarding call requires an upper body injury to warrant a misconduct,
such as the Alex Ovechkin hit on Brian Campbell.

Once again, the
resulting injury is more important than the hit itself.