Dan Hamhuis: NHL decision 'a little bit light'

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Obrien1.jpgAs expected, Dan Hamhuis wasn’t exactly enthralled with the NHL’s
decision not to suspend Marian Hossa,
telling ESPNChicago.com
that the NHL should focus on the hit itself
and not on any other factors:

“I just personally think it was a little bit light,” Hamhius said on
Monday. “It was a dangerous play, and my injuries and his prior past
shouldn’t have anything to do with it. It doesn’t change the action.”

“It was very similar [to the Ovechkin hit],” Hamhuis said. “There
were some minor differences about the play, but in both cases it’s a
very dangerous place to be hit. And in both cases me and Brian Campbell
weren’t expecting it.”

I’m still not a believer that both hit’s were exactly the same, but
it’s semantics at this point. Ovechkin’s was a full shove, while Hossa’s
reach-out push was the factor that sent Hamhuis flying into the boards.

That being said, I’m all with Hamhuis on this one. I could have told
you Hossa wouldn’t be suspended. After all, Hamhuis escaped injury. If
he had suffered a concussion, we’d be discussing a possible game
suspension today. This is why standardized punishments are warranted now
more than ever.